Girl Scout Troop 2904
Girl Scout Troop 2904

Welcome to Girl Scout Ambassador Troop 2904  

We are a tight knit group of High School students who enjoy Girl Scouts and running events for younger girls.    Please come join us for one of our upcoming events.


Wizarding Troop Weekend



Why choose Troop 2904 for your event? 

We have all earned our program aide pins and we have successfully run 7 troop weekends, 2 survival days and 2 badge days.   Running these events is what our troop does - well that and travel and work on our gold awards.  We love doing events for younger kids, and we've had lots of good feedback from our participants!


As we are getting to the end of our high school days, this will very likely be our last weekend.  Come join us for our final  event!!!

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Amy Caperton and 

Kim Strauss


For event questions, please contact us at: 


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